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Australian or South Sea Pearls are cultivated in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, mainly in Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia or Myanmar (former Burma)


They come from the oyster "Pinctada maxima" but in its two varieties, the one with the silver lips and the one with the golden lips. They are distinguished because they have that color on the outer edge of the oyster. These large molluscs, also known as mother-of-pearl, only accept one nucleus or graft for the creation of the pearl at a time, but unlike other species this surgery can be done up to three times.

Formation process

The introduction of the core is done when the oyster has already developed half its size, from 12 to 17 cm., or when they are about 24 months old. Due to the large size of this mollusk (it can reach 35 cm and 5 kilos in weight), it makes the pearl that grows inside it have a large diameter, and it also breeds inside it for up to two years after its implantation. The size of the southern pearl can vary from 8.5 mm. to 20mm.

The different pearl shapes

Round        Near-round     Button           Pear            Drop              Oval           Baroque      Circled Baroque

Our creation with pearls


Price of round Australian pearl earrings*

Pearl earrings  9-9.5 MM    430€
Pearl earrings 9.5-10 MM    490€
Pearl earrings 10-11 MM    670€
Pearl earrings 11-12 MM    820€
Pearl earrings 12-13 MM    1.060€
Pearl earrings 13-14 MM    1.140€

*Mounted with an 18 carat gold cap
Larger size or baroque size consult the price here
(Price subject to the year 2022)

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