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Why a certified diamond? 

The certificate of a diamond guarantees its authenticity and therefore excludes the possibility that it is an imitation or a synthetic diamond. The certificate contains a complete description of the diamond in terms of its shape, weight, clarity, fluorescence, colour, measurements, proportions and finish. These quality characteristics determine the value of the stone.


Each diamond is scientifically analysed by several gemologists, who use their experience and a team of technologically advanced materials to develop an accurate description of the diamond's characteristics and cut quality. With this detailed information presented in an understandable language, you can truly appreciate the different qualities that a diamond possesses.


The international certificates are in English, so the most important values are called:

Carat, Clarity, Cut, Colour


The most commonly used certificates are:


GIA: Gemological Institute of America

IGI: International Gemological Institute.

HRD: Diamond High Council.


Personal appreciation:

Today, you cannot sell a diamond without an internationally recognised certificate (by an independent laboratory), it is not the certificate that the jeweller gives you, because it cannot have an international guarantee. We need to know what we are buying, in complete safety. 

As the Spanish Gemological Institute says, the fifth characteristic (C) of the diamond is the certificate.



Roberto Pinillos

Gemmologist Specialist in Diamond

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