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How to take care of your pearls?

Pearls are natural and organic products, composed of cells created by a living being. This is what gives them colour, softness and delicacy. Their hardness is lower than that of other mineral gems. However, if they are treated in the same way as a valuable object, with care, then their beauty and lifespan will not be affected.



- Always put the pearls on after applying cosmetics, perfume or hairspray. Afterwards, we recommend cleaning them with a damp cloth and then drying them so that no residue remains.


- Excess sweat can be harmful in the long term, in which case it is recommended to clean the pearls with a cloth moistened with natural cold water before storing them, so as not to continue to damage them after wearing them.

- The surface of cultured pearls deteriorates when in contact with corrosive substances (bleach, household products, perfumes, alcohol, etc.), so it is best not to expose them to such products.


- Store the pearls in a cloth bag or a lined jewellery box, but do not let them come into contact with other jewellery. 


- Depending on their use, we recommend that you take the beads to the jeweller to align them to avoid breaking the wire. The wire should be knotted between each bead to avoid friction between them.

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