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Wedding rings

We propose a lot of models of wedding rings, both classic and contemporary, with different textures and shapes. We offer you professional advice for your choice to be perfect.

What are alliances?

Wedding rings represent the married couple's perfect union and eternal unity. As the couple pledge their love for each other, the rings serve to seal these vows and act as a perpetual reminder of their commitment to each other, "till death do us part". 

Today, wedding rings are fabricated from a variety of metals and designed according to tastes, style and the couple’s preferences, however the significance is the same.


What to choose ?


There are a lot of wedding rings models, boths simple and classic but also more modern. We have a fairly large sample where it is possible to select size, shape, material, color and texture like you wish (matt, glossy, hammered, diamond…)

We work with wedding rings made of gold 18 carats (pink, white and yellow), also in platinum in all its finishes and thicknesses. In addition to the possibility to combine two or more colors.

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